e-ARC Review: Give by Erica C Witsell

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e-ARC Review: Give by Erica C Witsell

Published by: BQB Publishing

Genre: Fiction, Adult Fiction, Women’s Fiction

My Rating: 4.5/5

Blurbs as on Goodreads:

Every summer, Jessie and Emma leave their suburban home in the Central Valley and fly north to Baymont. Nestled among Mendocino’s golden hills, with ponies to love and endless acres to explore, Baymont should be a child’s paradise. But Baymont belongs to Laurel, the girls’ birth mother, whose heedless parenting and tainted judgment cast a long shadow over the sisters’ summers—and their lives.

Caught in a web of allegiances, the girls learn again and again that every loyalty has its price, and that even forgiveness can take unexpected turns.

Luminous and poignant, Give is the story of one family’s troubled quest to redeem the mistakes of the past and a stirring testament to the bonds of sisterhood.

My Opinion:

This is a debut novel by Erica C Witsell. And I must say I was amazed! The story is so poignant and beautifully written. It has joy, pain, grief, sadness and everything bonded together.

It’s a family saga, a complex relationship within the family. It’s about a father, a mother, a step-mother and two sisters, and their journey along with their lives. It’s about a family not very different from yours or mine and keeps you pushing to read more and more. Len and Laurel are married and have a daughter, Jessie when Len wants to get separated from Laurel because of her careless attitude. But just then Laurel is pregnant with Emma, and Len cannot leave her. But again after a few years, he caught her cheating, again, and this time he finally gets separated from her. But being a single father, he finds it difficult to raise the two kids (both below 6 years). And so he gets in contact with their previous baby sitter, Sarah. In time, they build a relationship between them which takes a beautiful relation.

But the story isn’t that simple. Though Len and Sarah are happily married, Laurel is always there. As their life progresses, the two kids/sisters find it difficult living their lives between a selfish mother and a caring stepmother.

This story is about how the two sisters have to choose between people time and again. It’s about they battle their unusual life to come and live in the usual environment.

The characters have been beautifully sketched. As one progresses with the story, it feels as if the story comes to life. They are complex within themselves. There is so much going on.

I found myself much more invested than I had imagined myself to be. I wanted the characters to reach a solid satisfactory place. 

I must say Witsell has a strong way of story-telling. It’s the pace of the story and the way the story was told that made me come again and again to know about the characters. I couldn’t just get done with them.

To be honest, at some part I felt it was a bit dragging but I guess it was all worth it. The ending was so good! I was literally in tears.

I loved this book and would surely recommend!

Thank you NetGalley and BQB publishing for the eARC in exchange of an honest review. All opinions here are of my own.

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