Month: June 2019

A good book with a nice cozy cup of tea inspires life!

Book Review: What Mina Did by Geeta Menon

Published by: Rupa Publications Genre: Fiction My Rating: 3.5/5 Blurb as on Goodreads: 1998. Twenty-two-year-old Mina is moving to the US from Bangalore to begin a new life with her husband. Then there’s a horrific murder and her life is turned upside down. Mina’s best friend Neelu helps her out of the abyss. Mina gradually…
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Book Review: Narasimha: The Mahaavatar Trilogy Book 1 by Kevin Missal

Published by: Harper Collins IN Genre: Fiction, Mythological Fiction, Mythology My Rating: 3/5 Blurb as on Goodreads: Narasimha, once a brave soldier, has left the war and lies low as a physician in a village. But a familiar face from his past seeks his help to stop the tyranny of the blind usurper – Andhaka.…
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e-ARC Review: Give by Erica C Witsell

Published by: BQB Publishing Genre: Fiction, Adult Fiction, Women’s Fiction My Rating: 4.5/5 Blurbs as on Goodreads: Every summer, Jessie and Emma leave their suburban home in the Central Valley and fly north to Baymont. Nestled among Mendocino’s golden hills, with ponies to love and endless acres to explore, Baymont should be a child’s paradise.…
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Book Review: Ashok and the Nine Unknown by Anshul Dupare

Published by: Rupa Publications Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery My Rating: 3/5 Blurb as on Goodreads: You know what, the best revenge will be watching you failing to achieve your dreams. Do what you can, Ashok. The game has just begun! Ashok wandered amidst the corpses, helplessly, looking like a dead man walking among the dead. The…
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Book Review: Life in the Sunshine: Autobiography of an Unknown Cricketer by T. Sathish

Published by: Notion Press Genre: Fiction My Rating: 3.75/5 Blurbs as on Goodreads: Sat, Sam, and Trib (a.k.a Triple Sundae gang) are teenagers and they love the sport of Cricket. They spend most of their time watching and playing the sport they love. They dream of making their living in the sport.When they are not…
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